Workshop on Hardware Benchmarking
7 June 2017
Bochum, Germany
Workshop on Hardware Benchmarking 2017
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Workshop on Hardware Benchmarking 2017

Travel Information

Area Map

Getting to Bochum

Further information how to reach Bochum can be found here.

Getting to the Venue

The Workshop on Hardware Benchmarking will take place in the Beckmann's Hof which is close to the Botanical Garden of the RUB. You find a map of the RUB by following this Link

By public transport

The easiest way to get to the Ruhr University is by subway. Just go to the basement of the Bochum Central Station and take the subway U35, direction "Hustadt", and get out after about 10 minutes at the stop "Ruhr-Universität". In case you do not have a ticket or your bade yet you need a "EinzelTicket Preisstufe A" at 2.40 € for the first ride.

When you arrive at the U35 subway station "Ruhr-Universität" head right at the end of the escalator. You will have this view as the entrance of the university. Now follow the street to see AUDIMAX building. Pass the building from the left side. Then, you will see stairs to below floors and signs which guide you to the venue (view). Go down the stairs left of the Dining Hall. Head further in the south direction. After reaching the lowest level (view), follow the signs to "Beckmann's Hof" (view). A walk of 200 meters on a paved path let you reach the Beckmann's Hof (view). The described way is displayed on this detailed map.

By car

The quickest route is via the motorway junction Bochum/Witten, where the A43 and A44 meet. Simply take the exit Bochum-Querenburg, follow the signs "Ruhr-Universität". Leave "Universitätsstr." at exit "Uni-Mitte". Drive towards P8 or P9 to park your car. Walk down the stairs in the south direction. Signs will guid you to the "Veranstalltungszentrum". After reaching the lowest level, left the car park on the left side (view) and follow the signes to Beckmann's Hof (view). Follow a paved path for around 200 meters to reach the Beckmann's Hof (view).